Hampton House Kings Road Park

A St William – Berkeley Group’s Kings Road Park client used InStyle Direct to deliver affordable opulence for his one-bed unit, achieved with our Yellow Gold Furniture package with curtains.

Having closely worked with Berkeley on various other developments over the past 10 years, the InStyle team was well-versed in the target market’s wants, needs, and tastes. With previous achievements in mind, Interior designer Samera Al-Sarouri kept the base color light and neutral and added vibrant, decadent green throw pillows in the bedroom to help lift the design.

We provided luxury, functionality, and practicality through efficient furnishing, built-to-last furniture, and subtle curtains installed speedily to meet the developer’s timeline.

Samera picked the Yellow Gold Furniture package as the owner wanted a quick let, and he needed the property to be differentiated from the others in the building.

Light-hued furniture was chosen as it easily appeals to young professionals and families in the rental market. As lighter colours are easy for renters to move into and customize their homes as per their preferences, our White Gold package is particularly popular.

Once the furnishings were complete, Samera and the Sales Manager organised for the furniture to be moved quickly, and the unit was on the market the next day. The one-bed received immediate interest from buyers, proving the value of our furnishing services.


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