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We provide a range of blind types that serve a variety of requirements for landlords, investors, developers and homeowners. InStyle Direct window dressings are made from scratch in our factory, and we keep in close consultation with our clients to ensure the best results.

We also offer velux and perfect-fit blinds, so whatever your requirement, get in touch and we’ll discuss the right window dressing for you.

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Electric Blinds

Controllable via a dedicated unit or phone app, these blinds are the final word in convenience and flexibility. Aside from the many functional benefits (not forgetting the cool factor), the hands-free operation drastically reduces wear and tear and increases longevity, proving a good choice for landlords as well as owner-occupiers

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Wooden Venetian Blinds

Harmoniously authentic and specific, these blinds are particularly popular in period properties. Achieving a stylish aesthetic and offering great lighting control while being super easy to control, they remain a firm favourite for those wanting character without compensating function.

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Day to Night Blinds

Day and night blinds are a very popular option for modern properties, given their contemporary appearance and smooth change of light intensity entering the room. The two layers of fabric enable darkening and brightening with a single stroke.

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