Upper Park Road, Belsize Park

3 Bedroom House, Upper Park Road, Belsize Park, London, NW3

For 11 years this 1930s three bedroom house in Belsize Park was occupied constantly by young professional sharers. The only work done to the property was minor redecoration plus stop-gap responses to the occasional emergency. So when the last tenants gave notice, our client had a dilemma on their hands...

Faced with either a massive interruption to their lives and work in Italy or entrusting the renovation work to outside contractors, they decided on the latter.

  • Commercial Place and Office Refurbishment Service
  • Commercial Place and Office Refurbishment Service

"In the back of a drawer I found a brochure with pictures of an apartment refurbished by InStyle Direct. It looked great, and we were impressed that they would take full responsibility for every aspect of the renovation" said Nigel Jamieson, owner of the property. "Fearing such high quality work would be wildly expensive we obtained two other quotations for the renovation in addition to InStyle's. InStyle's was competitive, and we were won over by Sue Hissey's professional approach and the trust she inspired" Alison Jamieson continues.

"Following a meeting at the property and at InStyle's offices to view samples and discuss the choices of materials, flooring and hardwear. Exactly on schedule, the day after the tenants moved out, InStyle moved in. Sue's workforce encountered a few unforeseen problems that were immediately reported to us and estimates for extra work provided. We had weekly updates on how the work was going, but in between, any queries were dealt with, invariably within 24 hours. All the stress and headaches of overseeing and co-ordinating the work were dealt with by InStyle. We returned every 3 weeks or so for the 3½ months of the project, which finished on schedule" said Nigel.

"On completion, the house looked wonderful, decorated from top to bottom with 3 new bathrooms, new modern kitchen, fabulous oak flooring, new wiring and plumbing and the front and back gardens transformed. Had we organised the renovation ourselves we have no doubt that not only would it have taken twice as long, but that we would have spent much more. We cannot speak highly enough of Sue Hissey and the team at InStyle and would recommend them to anyone whose property needs a facelift" Alison added.