Enhancing Your Property’s Appeal: Furnishing Packs can Hold the Answer

The Role of Furnishings in Property Appeal

When we view a property for the first time we often simply fall in love with it on the spot. It could be the size of the rooms or it could be the amount of natural light it has, but often it’s a combination of factors, including the way it is furnished and presented. It’s the same when a potential tenant views a rental property for the first time. First impressions count and the way the property is furnished can enormously influence a tenant’s decision to rent and what price he or she is prepared to pay.

Furniture Packages for Rental Property

The Allure of Furnishing Packs

That’s why furnishing packs have become such a huge success among those ‘in the know’. Furniture packs for landlords and rental furniture packages are a simple solution to how to furnish a rental property stylishly and cost-effectively. What to buy? Where to buy from? How can you obtain the best price? What type of interior design in London should you be aiming for?

Benefits Of Buying a Landlord’s Furniture Pack

Simplicity in Furnishing

A rental property furniture pack is the easiest way to put together a luxurious yet practical interior. It contains everything you’ll need, from a sofa to a toaster.

Tenant Attraction Through Thoughtful Furnishing

A furnishing service will bring out the best features of your property and enhance its appeal to tenants. The supplier will take into account the size of your property and who you are aiming to rent to – whether this a student, a young couple or a family.

Unlocking Cost Savings with Professional Suppliers

A professional furnishing supplier will benefit from buying in larger quantities and the best suppliers will pass these cost savings on to you. So using a professional rental furniture supplier is often cheaper than you might think.

Property Furnishing Packs London

Style and Practicality in Furnishing

Furnishings will be practical yet stylish. The best suppliers in London also include an interior design service – so you know your furnishings will be coordinated, contemporary and designed to suit your property.

Boosting Rental Income with Well-Presented Properties

A well presented property almost always lets more quickly (minimising void periods) – and often for a higher rent.

In general, letting agents receive around 10 enquiries for a furnished property for every one they receive for an unfurnished one. So if you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective way to furnish your property and appeal to London’s professional tenants, a landlord furniture pack could be just the answer.

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