Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy


InStyle Direct is dedicated to eliminating Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in all areas of our business and supply chain. We comply with all relevant legislation and strive for continuous improvement.

  • Our Commitment
    • Ethical standards: We maintain high ethical standards across our business and supply chain.
    • Fair practices: We promote fair trade, sustainability, and human rights.
    • Recruitment policies: We enforce rigorous recruitment policies, including eligibility checks.
    • Whistleblowing: Our whistleblowing policy ensures employees can report concerns without fear of reprisal.
    • Code of conduct: We uphold a strict code of conduct for all employees and suppliers.
  • Actions taken
    • Policy development: We develop and regularly review our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking policies.
    • Supplier audits: We conduct due diligence and risk assessments on our suppliers.
    • Training programs: We provide training and awareness programs for all staff.
    • Monitoring and reporting: We monitor and report on our antislavery efforts.
  • Risk assessment and management
    • Supply chain mapping: We map our supply chain to identify potential risks related to Modern Slavery and Human
    • Risk mitigation: We implement measures to mitigate identified risks and regularly review the effectiveness of
      these actions.
  • Due diligence processes
    • Supplier evaluation: We carefully evaluate both new and existing suppliers through audits and assessments
      focused on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking risks.
    • Continuous improvement: We work collaboratively with suppliers to improve practices and address any
      substandard conditions.
  • For our suppliers
    • Compliance confirmation: Suppliers must assess their business and supply chains to ensure compliance with
      legal obligations regarding modern slavery. They must confirm this compliance to our Risk manager and provide a
      copy of their antislavery policy.
    • Contract termination: If a supplier breaches this policy or is found to have modern slavery in their business
      or supply chain, we may terminate the contract and pursue legal remedies.
  • For our employees
    • Compliance: Employees must act in accordance with company guidelines and policies relating to Modern Slavery
      and Human Trafficking including the Whistleblowing Policy.
    • Training participation: Employees are required to participate in Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
      training, activities and campaigns provided by the Company.
    • Reporting: Employees must report any Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking activities within the company and
      supply chain to the senior managers.
  • Training on modern slavery and human trafficking
    • Information and instruction: InStyle Direct provides all necessary information, instruction, and training for
      employees and contractors to ensure they have the skills and understanding needed to recognise, report, and
      prevent Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.
    • Proportionate training: Training is tailored to the size of the company and relevant to company undertakings.
    • Delivery methods: Training is delivered through acknowledgment of the company’s modern slavery statement,
      toolbox talks, and appropriate online training.
    • Senior management involvement: Senior management, at-risk managers, supervisors, and employees attend relevant
      seminars, workshops, and courses to gain the latest knowledge.
    • Performance monitoring: Training progress is included within the company key performance indicators and
      individual yearly objectives.
  • QuestionsIf you have any questions regarding InStyle Direct’s Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy, please send an
    email to:

    If you do not have access to email, please write to us at: Studio 13, The Courtyard, 100 Villiers Road, London NW2