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Necessary maintenance is a great way to protect your investment as a landlord or homeowner. Suppose your property needs updating, but you don’t want to spend the time or money on complete refurbishment that doesn’t guarantee a good return. In which case, our property makeover services offer quick, low-budget solutions that are a great alternative to the expense of complete home refurbishment.

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As a landlord or investor, your main goal is maximising profit by increasing your rental income or property value. We, therefore, suggest essential upgrades for the minimum cost, with the greatest return. We have built long-standing relationships with developers, landlords and investors who trust us to execute efficient, time-effective solutions for multi-scale rollouts.
Making the most of your income often entails many property upgrades to make it livable and appealing to renters and buyers. We offer honest, on-budget expert advice on improving only the necessary elements that tenants and buyers value when viewing properties.

We take the guesswork out of decorating and refurbishing. Where possible, our team will work with existing furniture to create a cohesive design and layout. Where not useable, we suggest gold or diamond furniture packs.

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InStyle Direct’s furniture packages can be delivered, styled and installed within 48 hours. For homeowners, we recommend our tailored furniture packs or interior design services so we can create a home that is uniquely theirs.

Our practical home makeover advice and solutions save time, hassle, money, and mistakes. Whether updating one room or the entire property, clients are often surprised by the quantifiable difference made in such little time for a lot less than they’d envisioned or been quoted elsewhere.

Even if you’re a homeowner, property improvements should be logical and economical and not just emotionally driven with short-term benefits. We ensure home improvements have long-term benefits that increase your home’s livability while adding value to the property.

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InStyle Direct is uniquely positioned with a team of Business Development Managers who understand the needs of tenants and buyers relative to the area. The real estate experts work alongside our interior designers to ensure properties reach their full rental or sales potential.

“Flats by InStyle go, on average, 85% faster than unfurnished properties and 50% quicker than those furnished by other interior design companies.”

– Nick Hubbard, Branch Manager at Benham and Reeves

Our team of professionals can use a range of quick renovation and home improvement services with a drastic result, most frequently used in conjunction with our furnishing services. These include:

  • Painting & wallpapering
  • retrofitting and refreshes
  • Updates to fixtures and fittings
  • Refreshing & refacing
  • Carpet & floor fitting
  • Full & partial tile replacement
  • Grouting and regrouting
  • Cleaning and re-equipping
  • Fitted wardrobes and storage solutions

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As well as the highly skilled work carried out, you’ll benefit from our expertise and project management. Our property experts and designers work together to devise a plan of action that meets your needs, desires, budget and timeline. You can have as much or as little involvement as you wish with our project managers taking care of everything from start to finish. Many of our clients are international and communicate entirely by email and Zoom.

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