Office Interiors

We specialise in on-brand office design that is equally functional and beautiful. Modern office spaces demand personality, connectivity and engagement and are a far cry from the sterile cubicles and employee-unfriendly prefabs of not so long ago. We provide contemporary furnishing and refurbishment solutions that improve connectivity, operations, and the emotional well-being of employees, clients and customers.

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Intentional Interiors

Through workshops and numerous meetings, we seek to get into the minds of a company’s workforce, customers and contractors: finding out what makes them productive or responsive and what may demotivate them. This forms the basis of an interior plan that makes the best use of space, resources and natural light. Throughout this process, we keep the brand of the business front and centre.

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Creativity & Productivity Hubs

Regardless of an office’s shape or size, our furnishing solutions and space plans are designed with creativity and productivity. As the back-to-office rollout continues, the office atmosphere has never been so important. Our skilled interior designers create working spaces that stimulate ideas, promote productivity and encourage collaborative energy.

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Safe Furnishings

Troubleshooting existing problems is a large part of what we do. This streamlines any office build or refit and saves valuable money and time. Based in our London headquarters, our experienced team of professional interior designers seek to:

  • Create collaborative spaces that are easily accessed while maintaining the required level of privacy
  • Futureproof the office by making allowances for expansion and extra storage
  • Use the latest soundproofing technology that keeps noise levels within Health and Safety guidelines
  • Maintain branding through the synchronisation of colours and the use of appropriate decorative touches.
  • Provide office furniture that is ergonomic, easy to clean and hazard-free. All of our furniture complies with fire safety regulations. We are also a member of the Furniture Industry Research Association, to demonstrate our commitment to raising standards.

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Growth and Expansion

As well as being a place where you interface with clients, your office is where you interact with potential additions to your team and it’s no surprise that many interviewees make their final decision to accept a job offer, only after visiting the office. A safe, well-planned and welcoming workspace not only attracts talent but also holds on to it and nurtures it, forming a solid launchpad for future ambitions and ongoing prosperity.

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