flower shop interior design

Flower Shop Interior Design

Flower shops provide aesthetic moments that transcend language, culture and fashion. The natural, fragile beauty and heady scent of a well-tended floral arrangement can provoke fond memories of loved ones, special events and important milestones.

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More Than Just a Shop

In order to look their best, dazzling blooms need extraordinary spaces and florists in increasing numbers are turning to design experts like InStyle Direct for help in achieving flawless flower shop interior design. So, what turns a bright, spacious and well-ventilated room into a slice of paradise? Well, after providing those aforementioned basics on which to build on, you are free to put on your artistic hat and think creatively.

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Where Nature Meets Art

  • Contrast definitely helps. If you have a riot of pink and orange flowers lining the room, a monochrome floor will set them off perfectly. Hanging baskets will give the space a multi-layered look which can be modified at a moment’s notice.
  • Bold and informative items that form a backdrop behind the products are a departure from the traditional look. Posters, wall art and chalk boards can exhibit prices, special offers and various personal touches.
  • Go rustic. Wooden cabinets with distressed handles give an instant rural look and can be used to store seeds, accessories and even small plant pots. They can be stacked up in the centre of the shop or used to line the walls and combine well with greenery and succulents (cacti).
  • You might be surprised to know that minimalism actual can work in a business known more for bright and bustling arrangements. Hanging dried flowers lend a moody, paired down vibe to a room that is as much of a work space as it is a display area. It also reminds us of the seasonal aspect of nature, which can be oddly comforting.

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A Diverse Organisation with a Shared Vision

Let Your Vision Grow

These are just a few of the many ideas that our experienced design team kick around amongst themselves as well as with customers. The most important thing is that once you decide on an aesthetic – go for it! There’s no use holding back. If you like vintage light fittings or textured vases, then seek out the best. From our London headquarters, we can source a multitude of creative designs that will really make your shop stand out. We can also project manage your refit so as to ensure minimum disruption. Interior design shapes our whole approach, so if you have a theme in mind that, share it with us – you’d be surprise by how even the most eccentric concepts can be brought to life.

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