Thorough Research on interior design

Thorough Research

Our dedicated BTR team conducts thorough project profiling, leveraging the strong significance of location and the target in tailoring designs to each unit’s unique rental requirements.

Our build-to-rent team’s deep understanding of the target audience helps optimise investment returns, ensuring maximum value for our clients. This generally results in speedier rentals at or above the asking price.

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Smooth furniture Logistics by instyle direct

Smooth Logistics

InStyle Direct excels in providing a seamless logistics service. With swift delivery and efficient installation, we have the capacity to install multiple projects per week.

In the event of unforeseen changes to your deadline, we offer convenient storage facilities to accommodate lengthened or unpredictable timelines. Alternatively, we can source locally, ensuring that stock arrives precisely when needed. We aim to alleviate any logistical challenges and provide a smooth experience throughout the project, even when projects don’t go quite as planned.

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Dedicated BTR Experts in instyle direct team

Dedicated BTR Experts

At InStyle Direct, our dedicated BTR team delivers exceptional service with rapid response times. We efficiently handle projects, offering quick turnarounds and the ability to complete large-scale projects seamlessly and smoothly.

Our focus is on providing personalised and professional customer service coupled with effective project management. You can rely on our experts to deliver outstanding support throughout your Build-To-Rent journey and long after it’s been installed.

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