Restaurant Interior Design

Any establishment that values its worth in today’s busy hospitality industry will know the value of message and impact which is largely driven by the interiors. A good restaurant is a place where you can feel stimulated, challenged and welcomed – all at the same time and for this to happen, the right restaurant interior design approach is absolutely essential.

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A feast for the senses

Our experienced project managers are experts in matching form and function and this is a skill that all culinary establishments can benefit from. Eating out is a multi-sensory experience which can be enhanced by subtle lighting, tantalising aromas (yes, interior design layout and room divides can influence this), a buzzy atmosphere and seamless access to the dining space, all of which need expert planning, budgeting and project management skills.

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From planning to opening night: we deliver

Stylish, eye-catching and cost-effective design concepts are just the start of what we offer our client restaurants. We follow up with a project management and installation service that never fails to come in on time and on budget. The importance of keeping within agreed parameters is non-negotiable when it comes to the commercial sector and we can guarantee that our client’s glamorous opening night will be free from snagging issues and hurried, low-quality finishes.

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Six steps to consider

We can do all this because our experience with dealing with exacting clients and efficient lead times has taught us the value of a complete and open consultation process. Over several meetings we will discuss:

  • How bold use of colour can enhance your dining space and even establish your brand: think of the blues and greens often found in seafood restaurants and the predominance of reds and browns encountered in high end steakhouses.
  • The strategic use of space – not just in order to fit more tables in, but to allow the uninterrupted flow of customers, staff and support staff. Bottlenecks of people and goods can quickly make a restaurant look more like a warehouse.
  • The selection of furniture that is stylish, hard wearing and easy to move around. Restaurants need to be reset at a moment’s notice as a breakfast layout will be different from a night time setting or a wedding function.
  • How the right type of lighting can add instant ambience to a room. Good lighting should always flatter the diners and make even the largest spaces seem intimate and convivial. Mirrors, windows and other reflective surfaces also play their part and our designers are familiar with handling all of these components.
  • The value of statement artwork that lends instant credibility to a venue. We believe in art installations that remain in the memory, long after the actual meal. Many diners can recall a standout wall frieze or an interesting sculpture more than the juiciness of the steak or a particular wine vintage.
  • How the bathrooms can make or break a restaurant’s reputation. So many exquisitely designed eateries have missed out on a Michelin star because of their lack of attention to rest room facilities. Having a history of designing and installing luxury bathrooms gives us the inside track on how to avoid this potential stumbling block.

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Based in our London HQ and warehouse, the InStyle team are immersed in all aspects of property design, and are ready to tackle the most exacting of hospitality projects. They oversee an elite team of skilled tradesmen who are ready and able to make your venue upgrade hassle-free, accessible and profitable.

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