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Hear that? It’s the sound of the clock ticking the moment a potential customer walks into your showroom, because you now have only seconds to make that lasting impression. Showing off your brand is no longer the static one-way conversation it used to be. You want would-be buyers to follow your story as you reveal just why you are the best choice available and that involves the creation of a commercial space that thrills and inspires. Our team of skilled interior designers bring a combination of flair and functionality to the task of creating showrooms. The aim is to fashion a positive environment that sets both customers and staff at ease and allows an initial conversation to naturally flow into a business negotiation.

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Promoting Your Product

Reception areas should be friendly, display counters informative, hospitality points accessible and office seating comfortable. Realising this requires planning and time management, something InStyle Direct’s project managers have long been experts in. We also realise that there are few “one size fits all” solutions out there as a showroom’s layout will depend on what industry and product is being promoted. However, by setting out parameters early on, we can tailor our service to meet your needs: whether it’s just a matter of replacing some tired furniture items, or planning a full refit and rollout.

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Corporate or fashion-led: you decide

Our efficiency and expertise allow clients to make the big decisions with complete confidence. What kind of finish to use for the main retail counter? Where should wall logos take prominence? How can we create more space in the washrooms? These are all vital questions that we tackle early on in order to prevent them from becoming problems. Lighting is another important component of the showroom experience and is a field in which we have always excelled in. Our general approach will depend largely on how much of a corporate look our client wishes to project.

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Professional and polished

Nothing promotes sales more than the feeling that all parties are on the same page and all are benefitting from the same relaxed, yet highly professional atmosphere. It is in this environment that salespeople can really shine and go the extra mile for both their customers and employers. Creating the right setting and ambience for this to happen is our goal and everything we do: from eye-catching window displays to strategic lighting to bold furniture designs is geared towards achieving that outcome.

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