Houses in Multiple Occupation

Houses in multiple occupation present some unique challenges that can be overcome with the correct HMO furnishing solutions. Apartment sharing is on the rise among discerning young professionals; a demographic with big aspirations and high expectations, which extends to their homes. Landlords need to provide high-quality accommodation that is practical, compact and aesthetically pleasing in order to meet the demands of London renters.

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Large-scale property projects need to be costed carefully in readiness for a house in multiple occupation. Furnishings need to be selected for compactness as well as quality, which is where furniture packages come in.

InStyle Direct’s HMO Solutions

With a market worth more than £20 billion, investors are looking to multiple occupancy homes as a viable proposition. InStyle Direct, as HMO property design experts, have a proven track record in helping landlords adapt and optimise their properties.

Changes often involve expanded room sizes, extra bathrooms and increased storage space. With an in-house team of Interior Designers, skilled Tradesmen and Project Managers, InStyle can assist with all interior and refurbishment work required to make a property suitable for HMO.

As multiple properties are often involved, careful budgeting is required. Our furniture packs, complete with installation and a dedicated PM, are an ideal way to ensure everything stays on budget and is completed in a timely manner.

Our Gold furnishing packs are a popular choice for investors and landlords who need a HMO package that offers impeccable value for money. HMO furniture packages are the most cost-effective way to ensure your property is prepared for multiple occupancy.

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