Harcourt Gardens, South Quay Plaza

Brief: Berkeley Group collaboration with InStyle Direct: Furnishing a One-Bed Show Home for Swift Sale

InStyle Direct recently wrapped up another successful Berkeley Group collaboration, completing a design venture at South Quay Plaza. This collaboration extends a longstanding partnership. InStyle Direct is frequently onboarded by Berkeley for show homes and furnishings within and around London City.

Interior designer Ifrah Buraleh and salesperson James collaborated on the project to transform a one-bedroom flat. In order to create a cosy, contemporary living space with a strong emphasis on aesthetics. The primary objective was to dress the space as a show home to facilitate faster sales and ensure a swift return on investment for the homeowners.

For that reason, InStyle Direct team chose one of our bestsellers, Diamond Furniture Package, featuring an upgraded selection of furniture and décor. Ifrah opted for a concept that played with a neutral palette, complemented by well-placed pops of color. This choice ensured a striking balance between timeless elegance and vibrant accents.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, our design team focused on a practical approach, combining ready-made items with upgraded furnishings. This ensured a smooth execution of the project, with no significant obstacles encountered.

In summary, our collaboration with Berkeley Group at South Quay Plaza exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality, aesthetically pleasing show homes that facilitate swift sales and satisfied homeowners.

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