Soft Taupes and Elegant Teals for London Square Watford

London Square Watford sought the interior design expertise of Emma Silburn, for another project at The Trafalgar. With Emma at the helm, both interior designer and project manager, this new-build two-bed unit embraced the goal of being impeccably dressed to sell.

The client’s vision was brought to life through a thoughtfully chosen colour palette to infuse a soft autumnal scheme into the apartment. Soft taupes, elegant teals and deep burgundy tones were integrated, creating a warm ambience suited for the approaching cooler seasons. Emma’s strategic approach ensured that the interiors and furnishings appealed directly to the target audience by incorporating contemporary furnishings with a mix of elegant accessories.

The project meticulously utilised resources to adhere to budget constraints, opting for paint over wallpaper and refraining from curtains and voiles. Additionally, items were thoughtfully sourced from existing stock, efficiently managing costs without compromising style.

A notable aspect that sets this project apart is the enduring partnership between InStyle Direct and London Square. Having previously collaborated on projects involving furniture packs and decoration, this collaboration is indicative of London Square’s trust and confidence in InStyle Direct..

Their consistent engagement in 2023/2024 to dress numerous developments in and around London is a testament to the successful synergy between the two, marking a milestone in the journey of design and elegance.

‘’ An incorporation of soft taupes complimented by elegant teals and deep burgundy provides a homely touch ready for the cooler seasons. ‘’


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