From selecting our materials to shipping our products, our values demand that environmental sustainability and an ethical manufacturing process are a non-negotiable part of how we do business. Promoting local causes, raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and donating furniture are just some of the ways that we support our community.

InStyle places immeasurable importance on the integrity and sustainability of our sourced materials and with contacts that cover three continents. We work hard to maintain the highest standards. A benchmark requirement is that all our items must comply with current UK health and safety regulations. They are also comprehensively stress-tested in real-life conditions, so as to ensure that they are solid, strong and fit for purpose. It is only then that InStyle Direct offers them to clients with full warranties.

Through our network of contacts in China, India and Europe, we are able to obtain, at our client’s request, exceptional, bespoke handmade items that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are functional and long-lasting. All hard furniture is sourced from trusted external suppliers and all soft furnishings are designed and manufactured in-house. It is through these stringent processes and policies that we are able to maintain and assure quality at all times.

We undertake regular site inspections of our manufacturing partner’s premises. We are also dedicated to ensuring that no child labour is utilised anywhere in the supply chain and that all materials are ethically and responsibly sourced.

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“We cannot take our planet’s resources for granted. That is why we diligently check the providence of all our items. Our desire for beauty cannot be at the expense of the next generation”

Mansi Mehra

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