How Home Staging can Help to Sell your Property Fast & for the Maximum Price?

InStyle Direct offers a complete home staging service to help show your property at its best. Bespoke furnishings and clever schemes from our team of interior design experts add that all important ‘wow’ factor. If you were ever in any doubt about the value of investing in a staging service then read on.

A 3 bedroom apartment in Victoria had been on the market with little or no interest being shown from buyers. Following our advice, the owner invested £50,000 for us to complete an overhaul. The décor chosen throughout was sophisticated and calm; the same colours were carried from room to room with bolder accents on soft furnishings to add a splash of colour. The furniture conformed to simple, contemporary shapes that complemented the style of the décor and indeed the property itself. And the result? Four days after being put back onto the market, the property sold for £1.5 million with the buyer purchasing the furniture too. One might think £50,000 is a substantial amount to spend on refurbishment but the investment did pay off at the end.


A 5 bedroom detached house at Highfield Drive is a similar success story. The owner was able to double their return on a property that had been proving hard to market.


The InStyle Direct team staged the apartment, taking inspiration from the clean, modern lines of the building. The furniture was hand-picked to accent these crisp, clean lines. Striking elements of black complemented the different materials and finishes, while the other colours were bright and airy. Well-placed mirrors helped bounce the light around the rooms creating a sense of space. The overall effect was show-stopping. It is little wonder that the property sold within four weeks of appearing on the market, for the full asking price.

What was an interesting development to the project, however, was that a relative of the buyer purchased the neighbouring property, on the proviso that it would be completed in exactly the same style as the first. The owner had employed InStyle Direct to complete the staging for £25,000, simply renting the furniture until the property sold. As the buyer had decided to buy the furniture, the owner then subsequently bought the furniture from InStyle knowing they would be able to recoup the cost. What is most significant is that the owner was able to sell two properties at the same time, purchasing matching furniture for the second property and using InStyle Direct’s design know-how to show both properties off to their best advantage.

These are just two examples of how important staging the property can be. It may seem a converse expense to spend money on the décor and furnishings of a property that you are about to sell or rent out, because the new owners or tenants are most likely to want to put their own stamp on things. But it is a short-term investment that in the long-term pays dividends, especially if your property has been on the market for a while.

For more case studies on how home staging can help sell your property fast and for the maximum price, please visit or contact us

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