Wallbrook Gardens, Carter Jonas

Senior members Max and Maggie worked closely with Carter Jonas London South on a large new build project at Gallions Place development. Two and three-bedroom show apartments were fully furnished, and 78 other units using our White Gold and Yellow Gold Package – example shown in images.

Well-dressed show flats are an essential sales tool for developers as it provides prospective buyers and tenants with an indication of the space they have to work with, as well as sell the brand and lifestyle. This is why Carter Jonas again hired Instyle Direct to help successfully push the sale of 80 units at their prestigious development.

Max and Maggie picked a warm scheme from the Yellow Gold Package for a large bulk of the units. A warm colour palette was chosen based on the development’s exterior colour tones and surroundings in the daytime. Brunel Street Works’ tint during the night inspired the bedrooms’ darker tones.

The Yellow Gold Package’s furnishing solutions were driven by a quick return on investment which was maximised with speedy, high-quality furnishings — all delivered at an affordable price.

Upon thorough research, the Instyle team successfully identified the development’s larger target audience — mostly aged 20-35. This includes young professionals — perhaps most of them working from home. With this information, the team designed the space to be practically sound for various activities by the tenants — be it working, relaxing or socialising.

The furnishing brief from the client required us to furnish two show apartments (two and three-bedroom units). The InStyle team was asked to turn around the project within two months, including design and installations, which Max and Maggie successfully did — all 80 units, including the two show apartments.

Reasonably priced furniture pieces were chosen in addition to the interiors utilising various modern in-trend artworks and design accessories. Interesting pops of colour like deep greens and blues were added to the mix to give the show apartments’ overall look a striking blend of contemporary comfort and urban style.

The project was completed within the client’s budget as the right suppliers with appropriate price points were selected. Shipment costs were also reduced as the furnishing items were sourced locally.

As with almost every project, there are always unforeseen obstacles. The Instyle Direct team dealt with lost and delayed deliveries with this project. Hence, multiple furnishings and accessories were selected from the existing stock to see what could work the best.

Due to the altered floor plan, the desk was shifted to the living room instead of the second bedroom. This worked much better from a design perspective as the desk was now facing the window with an incredible view of the London skyline.

Overall, Brunel Street Works was marked as a successful volume project with a quick turnaround — as Max and Maggie were well-equipped with the site and shared a great rapport with the clients. The developers needed not to spend more than required on the furnishing as the goal is to generate the best return possible, and we delivered just that!

“A medium size volume project of 80 furnished units designed, installed and successfully completed within eight weeks.”
-James McNeill, Sales manager, Instyle Direct

Should you be interested in a tailored furnishing package for a show home or rental property, please contact us for more information.

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