The Broadway, Northacre

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InStyle Direct offer high end interior services for homeowners and investors. Explore a recent project we completed that transformed this premium property into a prestigious home.

Having furnished thousands of apartments for London’s most prestigious property developers, InStyle is uniquely positioned with an understanding of what makes units sell to affluent target markets. We have a dedicated project manager, Mary Parry, who looks after properties and developments in South West London.

With exclusive access to the properties’ dimensions and specifications, our skilled, bilingual team employ trialled and tested interior solutions that push the sale of premium properties.

Our tailored furniture packages and high end interior design service combine affordability and luxury which is hard to achieve without the intervention of professional interior designers who know where to source and manage projects seamlessly from start to finish. Our high end interior solutions ensure the maximum return on investment is achieved. Our project managers and interior designers work together to ensure that the correct interior design solution is chosen to push the sale of units to the right people at a fast speed.

Project Video

Project Video

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Development-specific project lead, Mark Parry, who knows the target, the area and the development
Allocated interior designers who have access to the floor plans
Luxurious, on-budget interior solutions tailored to affluent target audiences
A track record pushing the sale of premium units through differentiated furnishings

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