Investor Focus: A Design-Led Interior Refresh

Why keeping up with current trends is important between tenancies – and how to do it without losing sight of costs

Tenants tend to be spoilt for choice when viewing rental properties, often viewing several in one day, so it’s important to make sure yours stands out. Moreover, securing a rental premium to make the most of your investment means investing in keeping the property in peak condition. Most landlords will refresh the decor between tenancies, repainting, cleaning upholstery and replacing any worn-out items. However, a refresh that takes into account current  trends will stand head and shoulders above the competition.

2019 Materials Trends

Much has been made this year of the human relationship with nature (biophilia)with sustainability as the watchword. Not only have consumers questioned the materials that the items are made from, they have also asked questions about the companies making the items and what their values are. In:Style Direct, for example manufactures all fabrics inhouse, furniture is built to last and wherever possible, materials are sourced from sustainable origins. For these reasons, clients can be assured of quality and a commitment to looking after the environment.Handmade items in Jute, rice paper, clay and other natural materials are indicative of the trend and will appear a lot this year as tactile accessories and furnishings. The Homeowners package enables you to source such pieces and include them within a tailored selection.

H602,-Television-Centre-w12-35                                                                        Biophilia: Homeowners range

A significant part of the trend is appreciating the beauty of each item, and the craft that went into making it. Giving these showstoppers the space to shine is part of the ‘less is more’ ideology that is best showcased by the Gold package.

62-Blackburn-Court-43                                                                        Sustainability ‘Less is more’: Gold range

Metal materials are also on trend for this year, particularly two or three different metal accents used together such as nickel, aged iron and bronze. When done tastefully, this will showcase the properties of each. The Diamond furnishing range includes great pieces that fit this trend.

Television Centre w12-8                                                                         Metal accents:  Upgraded Diamond range

Pantone’s Color of the Year this year (Living Coral) marks the move to the use of bold, vibrant colours. This trend is echoed by interior designers employing the ‘Memphis movement’ that is primary colours and graphic shapes being used in abundance. The minimalist Scandi chic and use of grey is now seen as a little sterile and has been replaced by unapologetic splashes of deep, edgy, rich jewel tones. However, white is the star and should be used in abundance – the bright colour combinations and unusual shapes will just be satellite around the use of white. If you aren’t confident in applying this trend, why not seek the advice of the interior design team?

balmoral, One tower bridge                                                                       Living Coral: Showflat/Bespoke interior design

These bold sweeps of colour against stark white doesn’t mean that neutrals have had their time. Far from it. Blush, warm neutrals such as dusky pink, taupe and earthy tones are taking centre stage. These ‘feminine’ tones are a reaction to the ‘Scandi cool’ neutrals that have been so popular and help to add warmth to expanses of grey and beige.

Feminine tones                                                                       Feminine tones: Upgraded Diamond range

2019 ‘get the look’ trends

Pattern is still popular but the trend has moved on to ‘maximalism’. That is, rather than using it subtly and with a view to matching elements in the decor, pattern is now being used in profusion, layered, bold, even clashing patterns. The idea is to fill the space with personality, choosing only what you love. While this trend is great for homeowners, it doesn’t work quite so well for rental properties that risk overwhelming potential tenants. Instead, try layering pattern in strong colours on soft furnishings so as to capture the trend without making a commitment to it. Floral patterns, whether traditional or abstract, are a strong part of it and this use of White Diamond in Queens Wharf is a great example of how to layer bold pattern without putting off potential tenants.

Queens Wharf,W6 13                                                                        Floral pattern: Upgraded Diamond range

Curved seats and plush sofas that envelope the body, soft rugs and luxurious throws are part of the year’s quest for comfort. This extends to grand gestures in the bedroom with the sudden desire for four-poster beds. No dusty, mock Tudor examples here, just a simple modern take on the design which emphasises the special ritual of sleep.

H602-Television-Centre                                                                       Four poster beds: Bespoke interior design

Bathrooms and Kitchens are making a statement too about the rituals of everyday life. Bathrooms are replicating the luxury retreat of a spa with dark, sultry, indulgent colours. While kitchens, are moving away from white to darker more luxurious materials and colours. The idea is to create a luxury home environment that emphasises how important it is as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life.It’s not feasible to replace an entire kitchen or bathroom on the whim of a trend but simple touches such as richly coloured towels, fragrance sticks and a few well-placed orchids will capture the spirit.

The-Pavilion                                                                        Bespoke interior design and Refurbishment

Including these trends in a decor refresh should be simple, a few well-chosen replacement items and accents for the existing furnishings that will give an interior a new lease of life. The interior design team can help to source the right items to get the look and our advisors can help you choose the right furnishing packages that really impress your potential tenants.

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