Fully Furnished Property Generates Instant Success

Dress to Sell Project Yields Speedy Results

Fully Furnished Property Generates Instant Success

The InStyle Direct team had an almost immediate impact on the fortunes of a luxury two-bedroom apartment in London Square, Bermondsey, The Crosse. Contacted by the developers, InStyle Direct was given a two-week window to create a show flat that would wow prospective investors, landlords and homeowners to push the sale of the remaining unit.

Part of a new development, the property shares a unique industrial heritage with other parts of this on-trend neighbourhood – a popular riverside rental hotspot for discerning professionals, creatives and tech moguls – all of which was harnessed into the furnishing and accessory choices. As a result of the team’s efforts and audience-appropriate interior decisions, the apartment sold in just 3 days! Read below for the full success story.

Located in South London’s prestigious SE1 postcode, The Crosse offers an attractive combination of excellent build quality, proximity to transport links and walk-to-work convenience. Landlords here anticipate high calibre tenants with high expectations. This meant that we had to boldly highlight the apartment’s potential by using high-quality furnishings together with some well-placed creative touches.

The Diamond Package Packs Extra Shine

Furnishing BY InStyle Direct

Dressing a property to show flat standards entails creating maximum impact with the appropriate resources. Having studied the floor plan and experimented with various mood boards, the team recommended our Diamond furnishing pack as the best option. The team used stock furniture to move as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. High-end, soft furnishings, hand-picked accessories and suitable art pieces were all used to add value, detail and that unmistakable touch of InStyle Direct sophistication to the apartment.

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A Property-Appropriate Palette

New Tannery Way

Some crucial design choices were made in order to give the property the extra boost it required. This is where, Senior interior designer, Severina’s eye for detail, colour and scale really came into play. In consultation with the developers, designer, Severina suggested a feature wall colour that would really grab the attention of viewers and help them see the property’s full potential. This flexible and practical approach extended to the inclusion of bespoke curtains and some outsourced accessories.

Home Staging at its Finest

Furnishing Apartment

Maximising all the available space was also a priority for the developer and the compact, yet elegant designs provided by the tailored diamond furniture pack, fitted the bill perfectly. The end result was a pristine show apartment that gave viewers a perfectly balanced picture of urban luxury and design-led innovation. Delivered on time and on target, the property proved a great advertisement for The Crosse development and London Square could look forward to plenty of fresh interest.

Exceeding Client Expectations

InStyle Direct

The week after the completion of the project, we received news from London Square Project Sales Manager, Katie McClure that the apartment had sold within three days! Katie had no doubts about the effectiveness of InStyle Direct’s contribution:

The new furniture, layout and colour scheme really brought the apartment to life and helped our viewers see the property’s full potential. InStyle Direct will now furnish another apartment where we anticipate the same success.

– Kate McClure, London Square

Watch the YouTube video below for a full tour of the furnished property.

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