Refresh your Home Interiors for Less with Our Top 10 Interior Design Tips

Interior design tips

We’re all having to be a little more creative right now when it comes to enhancing our living spaces. While the lockdown may be easing a little, visiting a furniture shop could involve hours of queuing while good decorators and other contractors are in high demand, with lengthy waits for customers.

If you are keen to refresh your home and create a luxury look on a limited budget, we have all sorts of hints and ideas for you. 

So follow our Top 10 Interior Design Tips and save yourself a fortune at the same time!

Keep it Simple

Clean, simple lines always look more luxurious as well as making a room feel larger – and that means decluttering! Take a good look at your furnishings and your accessories and decide what to keep and what to throw away/donate to charity/put in the attic. Only keep the pieces you love or ones which are useful  – Marie Kondo isn’t a household name for nothing!

Understated Luxury

One of the easiest ways to create a luxury look is to use layers of textures, fabrics and other materials. Use a mix of old and new, including wood, glass and metals, for a really bespoke look. And when it comes to textiles, add interest with soft, neutral throws and cushions in beautiful, tactile fabrics – wool, linen or silk. Perhaps choose a new rug for your wooden floor too. 

Get Moving

We all get used to living with our furnishings just as they have been for years. But why not try moving pieces around? Is that sofa really in the best position? Could you move the TV to a more secluded corner? So change the layout – move the sofa to the other side of the room, perhaps to create a more intimate seating area, move side tables and perhaps bring in a table lamp from another room. Experiment and see if you discover a layout that works better for you.

Light up Your Life

Lighting is often overlooked but it is one of the simplest ways to make a room feel more stylish and luxurious. It may be difficult to find an electrical contractor at the moment, so instead of major changes, think about buying new lampshades, table lamps or floor lamps to create a more sophisticated look in your home. Even re-arranging your existing lamps can create a different mood and won’t cost you a penny. Read our Lighting Masterclass blog to find useful tips on lighting your home.

A Splash of Colour

A lick of paint on walls can transform a room but many people are nervous of colour and stick to safe neutrals. Of course, neutrals create calm, relaxing space and are the cornerstone of many elegant schemes. But why not be a little more adventurous?  If you’re going bolder then remember to pick shades of colour in different tones, from light to dark, to create harmony. And remember, don’t put too many bright colours together – stick to one, against a backdrop of neutrals, to make it really stand out.

Smart Art

Placing a bold piece of artwork centre stage in your main living space is incredibly effective if you want to create a real style statement – it could be a print, painting or photograph. Think about the size and colour of your chosen piece and how it fits into the room. Look online for affordable prints and perhaps pick a theme if you want to buy several – maybe images of countries or cities you’ve visited. Choose frames which complement each other (they don’t have to match) and arrange them informally for a contemporary look.

Invest in a Statement Piece

A statement piece, whether it is artwork, a table lamp or a beautiful rug, really gives a room a focal point, particularly if walls and furnishings are fairly neutral. So choose something that’s colourful and fun to bring your own personality into the room.

Curtain Up

Curtains and window dressings are more of an investment, but they can transform a room and if you choose wisely, they will look good for years.  From simple roller blinds to full length, velvet curtains, there are hundreds of styles to choose from. For a contemporary look, go for simple, light fabrics.  Linen, cotton and other natural fabrics look modern and stylish.  Choose a natural colour in a streamlined design that will stand the test of time. You’ll also find that neutral colours don’t fade so much in sunlight, unlike brighter colours, so they’ll stay looking good for longer. 

Bring the Outside In

Our outside spaces are precious, now more than ever. But if you don’t have an outside space, bring the outside in with tropical print, accessories in a vibrant shade of leaf green or colourful botanical artwork. You can find bold, jungle designs on wallpapers, fabrics and accessories so handpick a couple of pieces to liven up your living room without costing the earth. And why not choose a couple of beautiful houseplants to complete the look? There are plenty to choose from online – real or faux. Biophilic design (biophilia means love of nature) is one of 2020’s hottest trends so you’ll be Instagram ready too!

Blooming Marvellous

The final luxe touch for the budget-conscious? There’s nothing more joyful than a vase of freshly cut flowers straight from the garden. Or failing that straight from the supermarket! A vibrant splash of colour will lift your spirits and bring summer fresh aromas into your home. You could treat yourself to a beautiful new vase if you want a really designer look.

Thinking of a Home Makeover?

We’re all spending so much more time at home than usual so turning your living space into a stylish and relaxing haven will have a huge impact on your wellbeing. Use your imagination and our interior design tips and you can easily transform your interiors without breaking the budget. 

But if your home needs a little more TLC, give our interior design team a call on +44 (0) 20 8964 1966 and we can suggest ideas for a complete home makeover.

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