Fulton & Fifth Marketing Suite, Wembley

Rose, InStyle Direct’s versatile Interior Designer, partnered with Sales Manager James McNeil to furnish a marketing suite for the esteemed Regal London’s new build, Fulton & Fifth.

They strategically furnished the marketing suite, a modest 15 sq m. area using InStyle’s Gold/Diamond Furniture Package.

Rose furnished this space carefully, aligning with the client’s objective to incorporate their brand’s hues while optimising the space’s area constraint — resulting in an exquisite achievement.

Central to the team’s success was fulfilling the client’s goal — seamlessly blending the brand’s signature palette into the marketing suite’s interior. With this project, Rose balanced the unit’s spatial constraints, skillfully integrating gold accents with the available inventory to stay within budgetary boundaries.

This holistic approach by Rose and the team has resulted in a marketing suite that exudes both opulence and fiscal prudence, epitomising InStyle Direct’s commitment to impeccable design and resourceful management.


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