Homeowner at Sovereign Court

A VIP overseas client onboarded InStyle Direct to design and furnish a luxury 3-bed apartment at 45 Matcham House Sovereign in the desirable Zone 2 as a family home. Our Homeowner Package was chosen to furnish the spacious apartment, with a few custom modifications made per the client’s request.

InStyle’s designers ensured that the client’s goal of achieving a house that exuded timeless elegance in an urban ambience was met through best-in-class interior design services, which included tailored mood boards, the finest wallpapering, fitted furniture, new flooring under our refurbishment services division and outdoor furnishings.

Upon the client’s request, interior designer Ifrah Buraleh and Sales manager James McNeill chose colours per their preference; however, there was a consistent idea to use neutral tones throughout the apartment. The brief also included a small note to ensure a bright shade for the lounge sofa — which was successfully delivered.

Ifrah chose accent colours of mustard and brass gold in the living room and an abundance of luxurious textures like marble, textured wall coverings and premium velvet upholstery in the bedrooms. The master bedroom, moreover, was designed with a tranquil neutral colour scheme that allowed the stunning detailed headboard to take centre stage.

The InStyle team was in constant touch with the client and, at his request, replaced the bedroom’s carpet flooring with wooden flooring that matched the lounge and hallway.

Should you be interested in a Diamond package, please get in touch with us for more information.

Furnishing, bespoke joinery design and decoration were completed throughout this luxurious new build apartment. We utilised a bolder colour palette, from the warm neutral tones in the bedrooms to the rich mustard in the living room. The living room combines dark and moody elements, such as the feature of dark oak joinery, with contrast added through the lighter furnishings. The second and third bedrooms are designed with a neutral backdrop of charcoal grey, giving off a cosy cocoon feel.

Ifrah Buralehl, Interior Designer at InStyle Direct 


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