4.35% Rental Yield and Same-day Rent

The Green Quarter Furnishing 1

Investments at The Green Quarter

The Green Quarter Furnishing 2

Green Quarter continues to be a flagship for the growing prosperity of London’s outer districts. Galvanized by the prospect of solid rental yields, landlords are snapping up units at Berkeley’s green development. Quick lead times and high-quality results are pivotal to generating a good return on investment which is why both The Green Quarter and landlords that invest at the development choose InStyle Direct.

The Gold Standard

The Green Quarter Furnishing 3

Our experienced team utilised the natural light in this apartment by further emphasising with pale, muted tones. For a splash of individuality, design lead, Ifrah, opted for bright splashes of deep colour in some of the furnishings and accessories, thereby providing contrast, detail and a touch of individuality. Using InStyle Direct’s Gold tier furnishing pack, accessories and fresh linen, Ifrah sought to make every corner of this 50+ square metre property look sophisticated, comfortable and welcoming.

Instant Rental

The Green Quarter Furnishing 4

Having completed the purchase on the 27th of January, the landlord handed the property over to the InStyle Direct team on the 28th and we completed the installation within the requested 24-hour timeframe. Investors usually anticipate allowances for marketing and promotion in order to attract suitable tenants. This was not necessary as the apartment was rented the very next day before it could reach public advertisement for the full asking price of £1350 PCM – one of four serious offers!

Impressive Return for Landlord

The Green Quarter Furnishing 5

The fully furnished and accessorised property achieved “instant rentability” status and immediate profits for its owner, generating a very impressive 4.35% yield. InStyle Direct’s reputation as the go-to, developer-approved resource for investors who are serious about making the most of their property investments, was indisputably confirmed.

Consistent Success at The Green Quarter

The Green Quarter Furnishing 6

InStyle Direct is proud to confirm consistent achievements at the Crossrail-bordering development. Flats furnished at the Green Quarter have rented, on average, 85% faster than unfurnished properties.

Landlords and investors at The Green Quarter, as well as the developers themselves, have since commissioned us to work on fifteen more properties at the new builds this Summer.

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