Insights from UKREiiF: How we are tailoring furnishing solutions for the BTR market

Insights from UKREiiF

The recently concluded UK Real Estate Investment & Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF) in Leeds saw active participation by InStyle Direct, with experienced members of our sales team attending and exhibiting at the three-day event. Participants at this industry conclave also included key stakeholders from the UK’s thriving Build-to-rent (BTR) sector, such as investors, developers, funding institutions, local council members and government officials, setting the stage for a valuable exchange of ideas and insights.

As a furnishing and interior design partner in the sector, our objective was to spread brand awareness and pick up on these industry insights to tailor our services to the needs of BTR.

Insights from UKREiiF

Our team had a productive experience, and here’s what our Business Development Manager, Amar Tufail, said, “The event was a great platform to forge new relationships and gain industry insights first-hand.” Here are a few key takeaways from the event.

The rise of BTR in London’s real estate

With BTR completions in the UK crossing 100,000 units last year, the sector is expected to grow more than three times over, with 360,000 homes planned by the end of 2033. From the growth of Single-Family Housing (SFH) in BTR to purpose-built student accommodation, the acceleration of developments to meet the increasing rental demand in London and other suburban towns and cities has led to increasing investments within the sector. Read our detailed blog on the rise of BTR as a growing investment trend in the UK and its capital.

Insights from UKREiiF

Understanding the needs of stakeholders

From a furnishing and interior design perspective, BTR developers present at the UKREiiF expressed their desire to find and work with partners who can provide a complete turnkey service, offering solutions throughout different sectors. At InStyle Direct, our team have collaborated with leading developers for the last 20 years to deliver successful projects with unmatched speed and flexibility. Our services offer a definite value addition to BTR developments, which can be better understood if you look at our project portfolio for Build-to-rent.

Insights from UKREiiF

Whether it is about providing thoughtful furniture packages for purpose built student accommodations or cost-effective, durable and sustainable design solutions for BTR projects, we are at the forefront of London’s BTR revolution.

Insights from UKREiiF

Here’s what our Associate Director, James McNeill had to say about this year’s edition of UKREiiF, “We had a great experience exhibiting at this year’s UKREiiF event at the Leeds Royal Armouries, which was both successful and informative. We got the opportunity to engage with new clients and industry partners whilst cementing relationships with existing customers.”

Insights from UKREiiF

Focus on people-first design practices

People-first design practices are at the heart of UKREiiF’s objective, which aims to connect people, places and businesses to accelerate and unlock sustainable, inclusive and transformational investment. Keeping this aim in mind, InStyle Direct is committed to serving the community by providing furniture solutions that comply with the sector’s seven principles of the BTR Code of Practice.

Insights from UKREiiF

“We extensively focus on people-first designs and ESG efforts, which we are already very conscious about, but will continue to multiply the effort,” says Max Prychidko, our Associate Director.

While our strict sourcing policies, mandate the implementation of environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing processes across supply chains, our robust ESG Strategy focuses on responsible business operations and timely audits. Additionally, our modern slavery and human trafficking policy ensures we implement a thorough due diligence process across all areas of our business.

“Our people-first design focuses on sustainability and durability, covering all aspects of ESG in the process, from sourcing to delivery and after,” says Mansi Mehra, Director, InStyle Direct.

Preparing for the future

With over 10,000 industry professionals in attendance, UKREiiF was a mega platform for exhibitors to showcase their work and facilitate cross-learning between professionals from the real estate industry. InStyle Direct made the most of this opportunity to highlight its extensive range of furnishing and interior design services and build strong industry networks.

Insights from UKREiiF

When asked about their experience at the event, here’s what our Associate Director, Mark Parry, added, “We used this opportunity to highlight our brand and make people more aware of what we can do in the evolving landscape of people-first design within the BTR sector.”

As a brand, we intend to be more actively visible in such industry-led events to learn and understand from BTR stakeholders about their challenges and expectations from a furnishing and design partner. With a focus on better serving the needs of BTR clients and tenants, we look forward to attending and sponsoring more such networking events in the coming months. If you are a BTR developer or investor in London looking for a furnishing and interior solutions partner, you can reach out to us for a quick consultation.

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