Maximise Your Airbnb Returns Through Furnishings

Tokyo, Paris, Osaka, New York City and London are the most popular cities for Airbnb guests globally. The Airbnb and holiday rental market, specifically in London, is booming, with projections suggesting it will generate $2.2 billion globally in 2024. As of December 2023, there were 91,778 listings in London, a 32% increase from 2022, highlighting fierce competition in the market. In the capital city alone, top Airbnb hosts make over £77,000 annually. Hence, listing unique, personalised and Instagram-worthy experiences is essential for standing out. Strategic furnishing choices can significantly enhance your Airbnb’s appeal and profitability.

Understanding the importance of Airbnb Interior Design

Pear Mews

Simply offering a place to stay is no longer enough. Hosts must consistently focus on creating an enjoyable experience to attract high-quality guests. Well-planned interior design is crucial in this regard. Properties with thoughtful furnishings can earn up to 40% more per night than average listings. A survey by HomeAway suggested that 93% of travellers prioritise comfortable and well-maintained accommodations when choosing a vacation rental. Well-designed spaces not only attract more bookings but also command higher prices.

The impact of carefully chosen furnishings

Regardless of your property’s size, maximising space efficiency is key. Clever storage solutions and multi-functional furniture can transform even the most compact areas into spacious spaces. A plush couch chair where Airbnb guests can unwind, combined with ambient mood lighting and tasteful decor, evokes a luxurious atmosphere. These thoughtful details reflect the host’s dedication to providing a home-like experience for their guests. In fact, this is the kind of Airbnb experience every guest looks for!

Furnishing tips for maximising Airbnb returns

Here’s how you can leverage furnishings to transform your Airbnb into a homely abode for guests:

1. Work with a budget

When furnishing an Airbnb property, it’s crucial to balance your budget with achieving a desirable and high-quality appearance. Opt for cost-effective yet premium-looking furniture packages that can transform a unit without breaking the bank. InStyle Direct, London’s leading interior design and furnishings company, offers a range of furniture packages suitable for various budgets. Our Furniture Package provides durable, hi-quality, and affordable furnishings, ensuring a stylish and homely atmosphere.

2. Balance style with comfort

Furnishing your Airbnb to attract guests and increase returns requires a careful balance between style and comfort. Drawing from our two decades of experience in the London real estate market, we recommend the following tips: Choose furniture that is both comfortable and visually appealing. Opt for easy-to-maintain pieces to ensure longevity, hygiene, and a clutter-free environment. Additionally, consider ergonomic designs, which prioritise user comfort and efficiency, to enhance the overall guest experience.

3. Add personality

Always add elements of distinct personality to your Airbnb rental to create a unique space. You can achieve this through:

  • Soft furnishings: Add plush cushions, cosy throws, and elegant curtains to enhance comfort and style.
  • Quirky accessories: Incorporate unique decor pieces such as vintage clocks, colourful vases, or eclectic wall art to give character to the space.
  • Local art pieces: Showcase artwork from local artists to infuse the home with a unique and local flavour.

These thoughtful touches help your property stand out in today’s competitive market, making it feel more like a home to guests rather than just a rental.

Tip: Placing a guest book in the living area adds a nice personal touch.

Furnishing tip

4. Prioritise modern conveniences

Consider incorporating modern amenities like smart TVs, in-house gyms, under-floor heating, high-speed internet, energy-efficient appliances, a working area, keyless entry systems or bar islands in the apartment. In today’s advanced times, these amenities significantly improve your guests’ overall comfort and convenience. When guests feel catered to, they are more likely to leave positive reviews and return, plus recommend the property to friends and family for future stays. For a host, these upgrades also tend to offer a higher return on investment in the long run. In fact, a recent report from The Modern Space shows that such features can add 12% on average to a property’s sale price. If you want some of these features for your Airbnb rental in London, InStyle Direct offers furnishing and refurbishment services with a swift, hassle-free consultation.

5. Create a relaxing atmosphere

Thoughtful interiors can transform your Airbnb into a serene retreat for guests. Start by incorporating lush green walls to add a touch of nature. Installing dimmable lights allows guests to adjust the brightness to their liking, enhancing their comfort. Use calming colour schemes and natural materials like wood or bamboo to add depth and warmth to the space. Introducing indoor plants and earthy-hued rugs further enhances the relaxing ambiance.

Our packages cater to varied colour schemes, from neutral to vivid, to fit the tastes of different guests and hosts. We can create the space you desire for your guests easily and quickly. Our packages are installed in less than 24 hours, and if you are an overseas investor, this is invaluable. We are a one-stop furnishing solution and will manage dressing your Airbnb from start to finish, hassle-free.

We understand the property market through and through, and we know how to maximise your property’s potential. Rest assured; we will dress your property in a way that will keep it booked with guests all year round.

Why choose Instyle Direct?

Being amongst some of London’s best furnishing and interior design companies, we understand the unique needs of Airbnb hosts. Here’s what sets InStyle apart.


Case Study: The Bowen House transformation

InStyle Direct transformed a three-bedroom seaside penthouse at Bowen House into a successful Airbnb rental. The private client wanted a fun and welcoming space but also had a budget in place. InStyle chose the Gold Furniture Package with soft furnishings and accentuated accessories.

The result? The property was booked within a week of furnishing.

Bowen House

Client Testimonial: “It was a pleasure working with InStyle Direct’s interior experts on our first holiday let. We knew the apartment had potential but needed professional help to make it exceptional. From initial discussions to site meetings, the team listened to all our ideas and carefully planned every detail, from furniture selection to paint choices. They even coordinated the finishing touches on installation day. I was genuinely pleased with the outcome and couldn’t hide my smile. Thanks to InStyle Direct’s top-quality service, it was a dream come true.”

To sum up, maximising your Airbnb returns through furnishings goes beyond simply buying and arranging furniture. It involves making strategic choices that enhance the guest experience, create a welcoming and memorable atmosphere, and cater to the specific needs of your target market. Thoughtful interior design can lead to positive guest reviews, increased bookings, and higher revenue. By focusing on comfort, style, durability, and unique touches, you can transform your property into a sought-after destination that stands out in the competitive rental market.

If you’d like assistance bringing your vision for Airbnb rental properties to life, the design experts at InStyle Direct are here to help. Contact InStyle Direct today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can transform your space into a success story.

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