Understanding London’s Current Build-to-Rent Landscape and Future Prospects

London's Build-To Rent Landscape and Future Prospects


In the dynamic landscape of London’s real estate, property investors are drawn to the thriving single-family rental housing sector, commonly known as Build to Rent (BTR) Houses. This article aims to cover the state of London’s ongoing build-to-rent properties, supported by key statistics, and provide a glimpse into an investor’s prospects in this evolving market.

Overview of BTR Housing

Build to Rent (BTR) housing represents a fundamental transformation in London’s accommodation landscape. This model surpasses the standard rental housing norms, providing domestic and overseas tenants with purpose-built rental units and apartments. Unlike traditional rental structures, build-to-rent emphasises fostering a sense of community living and encouraging long-term tenancy. This model is set to redefine the housing concept and respond strategically to London’s population’s evolving needs and preferences.

North Horsham Masterplan

The North Horsham Masterplan is an ambitious upcoming BTR project in London — a 500-plus acre multi-tenure development in West Sussex. With approval to deliver 2,750 new homes over three phases, this master plan represents a notable leap in BTR housing and is setting motion to influence investor opportunities in London. For those unfamiliar with the North Horsham master plan, this project holds immense potential to reshape BTR opportunities in London. The scale and innovation of North Horsham could set new benchmarks, influencing investor decisions and contributing to the city’s BTR landscape.

Construction and Development Trends

Ten of the top 20 largest owners of completed BTR in Q3 2023 are new entrants to this sector — reflecting the dynamism and growth potential in the BTR market. Amongst this, a notable build-to-rent update is Countryside leading the charge with under-construction homes in the West Midlands and the southern regions. Countryside is a notable BTR player in London as it has completed the highest number of single-family housing units in England and Wales.

Transformative Partnership: Vistry and Leaf Living

In November 2023, by signing a landmark partnership with PRS provider Leaf Living, Vistry Group, another big-ticket player, catalysed transformation in the London BTR sector. With this strategic move, the renowned developers have acquired more than 1,500 homes for the Private Rental Sector (PRS) — aligning seamlessly with Vistry Group’s plans to pre-sell around 65% of all units within the London real estate space.

London’s Growing Urban Pressure and Trends

The pressure on accommodation in London has never been more significant, with more young people moving to urban centres, a high number of international students coming to the city and increasing demands for housing. Trends driven by the cost-of-living crisis, such as increasing cohabitation and shifting towards one-bedroom rentals, shape the BTR landscape in the capital.

The Rise of Built-to-Rent in Student Housing

Amidst the broad concept of BTR, student housing is emerging as a revolutionary trend. Affordability, high-quality amenities, and flexibility are the key factors driving build-to-rent growth in the student housing market. The owners within this sector are adapting to modern student needs — with strategic locations near universities and public transportation and adding essential amenities to enhance the quality of life.

Partnering for Success

Until now, we have discussed the key challenges and growth prospects of BTR, where the significance of furnishing in a build-to-rent unit cannot be overstated. Here’s where InStyle Direct steps into the narrative. Understanding that successful BTR outcomes hinge on multiple factors beyond construction, InStyle specialises in providing clients with complete furnishings solutions for such projects.

Established in 2004, the team is renowned for its impeccable response times, efficient delivery, strategic sourcing, and seamless logistics. Our dedication extends to Private Rental Sector (PRS) furniture for the entire rental duration.

InStyle’s holistic approach sets us apart from the competition as we supply high-quality furniture tailored for the BTR market and handle everything between delivery and installation processes on the client’s behalf.

If you are an investor looking for a seamless, comprehensive furnishing solution for a BTR project, InStyle Direct designers invite you to contact us today. Let our experts be your partner in crafting smart and functional living spaces that enhance the appeal of your build-to-rent properties and contribute to the project’s overall success.

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