Anticipated Interior Design Trends for 2024 | Embracing Future Aesthetics

Interior Design Trends 2024

As we welcome 2024, London’s interior design scene is on the verge of a notable shift towards an innovative and welcoming aesthetic. Anticipate an array of upcoming interior design trends that translate a fusion of futuristic elements and comfort-driven designs. Expect the emergence of new yet old design paradigms such as ‘Eat-in Kitchens,’ where the boundaries between cooking and dining spaces dissolve. Muted tones and shades will take centre stage, offering homeowners a subtle yet sophisticated palette that brings tranquillity and elegance.

In essence, this article will explore a few upcoming interior design  trends for 2024 and guide you on integrating them effortlessly into your home, office or commercial space.

1. ‘Eat-in Kitchens’ Revival

Witness kitchen spaces get redefined in 2024 as the line blurs between cooking and dining. Homeowners get set to embrace the trend of Eat-in Kitchens — where cooking merges seamlessly with aesthetics to foster a space that invites culinary creations and memorable chic dining table experiences.

2. Muted Tones

In 2024, experience the dominance of muted tones and muted shades in office, home or commercial spaces’ interiors — offering the space a sophisticated yet calming palette. Sophisticated variations of pastels, earthy hues and softer versions of primary colours- blues, greens, greys, pinks and yellows will rule the interior colour space in 2024.

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Moonscapes and Sunsets:

3. Cosmic Motifs to Redefine Spaces:

2024 is set to bring in a cosmic shift in interior aesthetics. One can add celestial motifs to the interiors to integrate this element within your space. Visualise midnight blue ceilings sprinkled with constellations or walls adorned with shimmering wallpapers that mirror the allure of the Milky Way. Besides this, moon-phase wall sculptures or cosmic-themed textiles can deliver an ethereal experience within your home.

4. Embrace the Raw and Authentic:

There’s something that piques interest when it comes to the rugged elegance of undone interiors. In 2024, it’s predicted that interior designers will bring out the natural beauty of brick and concrete walls and blend these textures with earthy elements like intricately wooden furnishings as well as woven rugs. Unfinished touches within any personal space evoke authenticity and forge a connection with nature.

5. Accentuating with Statement Pieces:

As observed in recent years, the trend of interior designers designing spaces with statement pieces will continue. Statement pieces are known to capture attention and swiftly spark intriguing conversations. To keep up with this trend, it is suggested to incorporate elements like metallic and geometric lighting fixtures and captivating abstract art installations in your home design plans.

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The Future at Your Fingertips:

6. Illuminating with Silver Lighting:

Add an ethereal touch to your sacred space this new year — transition from conventional lighting to sleek, silver-hued fixtures that cascade elegantly. Silver interior design elements and fixtures are set to be the new black in 2024. Imagine sleek, silver pendant lamps or coffee tables with a touch of silver.

7. Functional Beauty:

When you integrate aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional gadgets into your living spaces, get set to experience the combination of beauty and utility. Anticipated to be a continued interior designing trend in 2024, intelligent kitchen appliances and innovative tech accessories are redefining trends that ensure practicality.

8. New Neutrals Reshaping Spaces:

To break the standard texture mould, we suggest diving into terracotta, ochre, sage green or lavender — something that introduces depth and individuality to your personal spaces. These new neutrals are set to redefine subtlety in 2024:

  • Terracotta, an earthy reddish-brown hue, creates a warm, sophisticated vibe
  • Ochre, a comforting yellow-brown, adds elegance and vibrancy
  • Sage green creates a tranquil atmosphere — and blends well with traditional and modern setups
  • Lavender’s soothing purple tones bring a sense of relaxation and sophistication to your homes

Embrace the Playful:

9. Buttery Yellow Energetic Vibes:

In terms of colours, 2024 is set to be taken over by the trending buttery yellow shade. You can infuse your spaces with the vibrancy of buttery yellow — a touch that radiates energy and positivity. Now smartly, you can incorporate this colour in your interior through accent walls, statement furniture, a chunky lounging reclining sofa chair or vibrant decor accessories — the final call is yours!

10. Ruffles and Flounces:

Ruffles, with their cascading textures, can easily add a touch of playful femininity to homes or working spaces. Soften the ambience of some relaxing regions in your homes by incorporating touches of ruffled curtains or statement rugs adorned with textured layers.

11. Reviving with Colorful Carpet:

In most cases, elegant flooring or floor patterns create a unique canvas for your home and your personality — helping make a solid statement. In this new year, as per the interior designers’ predictions, we suggest revitalising your space’s floors with vibrant patterns or colourful designs. The classic checkerboard patterns are for sure making a comeback in 2024, plus you can play around with the fluidity of abstract motifs. A few other ways to play around with your flooring is by playing with flooring designed with swirling brushstrokes, geometric shapes organic patterns, ombre effects, metallic accents or even textured floor coverings.

Retro Revamp:

12. A Nostalgic Nod to the Past:

If you wish your space to nod to the early 2000s and the ’70s, opting for timeless pieces like the transparent acrylic furniture, which incorporates metallic accents, warm shades of mustard yellow and burnt orange hues is best. You can even play around with a crystal clear, acrylic coffee table adorned with a vintage record player and a collection of groovy vinyl alongside a cosy mustard yellow armchair — all because Y2K is making a comeback this year!

13. Modernising Seating:

Distance yourself from stiff sofas or the standard two- or three-seater couches this new year. Shake things up within your interior design plans for 2024 by introducing L-shaped sofas and luxurious chaise lounges. Unlike linear sofas that create a physical barrier, these shapes draw people closer. Besides, L-shaped sofas are known to utilise your home or home office’s cervixes in the best way possible. If you wish to experiment with chaise lounges, look for velvet-upholstered options for a touch of glamour or leather styles for a minimalist vibe.

Beyond the Ordinary:

14. Alternatives to Marble Surfaces:

The allure of marble fixtures is evergreen. This material is known to fit in any home or space effortlessly. However, suppose you wish to go the sustainable way this new year, as predicted by the best interior designers in the business. In that case, you can explore alternatives like terrazzo, recycled glass countertops, reclaimed wood, upcycled furniture or soapstone.

15. Illustrated Tiles for Personality:

Step in 2024 with a home where the bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces and bedrooms shed their generic skin and embrace the vibrant individuality of hand-painted tiles. Inject character and personality into your abodes with hand-painted tiles featuring playful patterns or geometric designs. Each hand-painted tile is like a brilliant, unique piece of art and with illustrated tiles, you can easily make these art pieces a flawless addition to your homes or offices. Besides, where most of the elements in your home are overruled by mass production, hand-painted tiles inject a welcome dose of human touch.

Pro tip:

  • Consider ceramics for walls and backsplashes, glazed porcelain for high-traffic areas like floors
  • Ensure proper sealing and maintenance to preserve their beauty and ensure their longevity

InStyle Direct: Your Gateway to Embracing 2024’s Interior Design Trends

As we navigate through a few predicted interior design trends in 2024, the idea of transforming your abodes into havens of innovation, personality and style becomes alluring. However, implementing these trends seamlessly into homes might pose a few challenges for some. Here’s where InStyle Direct, London’s leading interior design firm, stands as an expert and convenient partner.

Why Choose InStyle Direct?

Established in 2004, InStyle Direct consistently epitomises excellence in delivering comprehensive furnishing solutions for landlords, property developers and homeowners. Under the visionary leadership of our founder, Mansi Mehra, a passionate design professional, InStyle Direct has achieved unparalleled success, especially as we look forward to the interior design trends of 2024.

Transformative Designs for Profitable Investments:

Leveraging a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the rental market, InStyle Direct enhances homes, developments, offices and commercial spaces — ensuring genuine tenant appeal while transforming them into profitable investments. Through meticulously coordinated furnishing packs and a wide range of refurbishment options, the team at InStyle Direct anticipates leading the charge in bringing unparalleled expertise to London’s property presentation in 2024.

With a keen eye on the expected innovations, InStyle ensures that your space showcases the upcoming 2024 interior design trends and reflects your individual style and preferences — making the new year a year of innovative home transformation.

Get in touch with InStyle Direct, your destination for trendsetting interior design solutions in London. Let us elevate your living or working space to unparalleled heights of style and sophistication in sync with the expected trends of 2024.


Q.1 What decorating style will continue to trend in 2024?

There’s no single style dominating the interior design space in 2024! As we prep ourselves to welcome 2024, we’re observing a gradual shift towards personalised eclecticism, where you mix and match elements from different eras and genres to reflect your unique personality.

For instance, think 70s groove meets Y2K nostalgia or cosmic motifs paired with earthy textures. Based on our experience in the London interior design industry, we ask you not to be afraid to experiment and express yourself!

Q.2 Are accent walls out of style in Interior Design?

Not entirely! The concept is still alive, while bold, single-colour accent walls might take a backseat. We’re moving towards more nuanced approaches, like using textured wallpaper, hand-painted tiles, or striking murals to create statement areas.

Q.3 Is panelling still in fashion in 2024?

Absolutely! Panelling adds texture, warmth, and architectural interest to any space. This year, expect to see a shift towards sustainable options like reclaimed wood or recycled materials, in addition to innovative patterns and geometric configurations.

Q.4 What is the colour trend for 2024?

While bold choices will always have their place, 2024 is embracing a palate of muted sophistication. You will gradually find a lot of soft pastels, earthy hues, and subtle variations of primary colours like blues, greens, and greys in the market.

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